Friday, December 31, 2010

Year of the Pet Groomer

I remember about this time last year, when everyone on declared 2010 to be the Year of the Pet Groomer. Fresh out of school, I felt that I could get in on the revelry; my foot was pretty far in the door, or so I thought. Now, I feel like more of a groomer than ever before.

I keep portfolios of dogs that come into my care. The earliest shelter dogs and the ones from school have one of their own. 2010's is just over two inches thick! I just finished tallying up all the different breeds and trim styles, and these are the results:

Total entries: 409
Multiple appearances: 63
Natural styled: 30
Silhouette tidy: 53
Coat strip: 108
Sporting: 132
Sporting jacket: 27
Scruffy jacket: 1
Square terrier: 26
Short-legged terrier: 8
Lion: 9
Bolero: 2
German: 5
Miami: 3
T-clip: 2
Desi: 1

Considering that these are just the dogs that I put in the portfolio, it's no wonder that I feel like I've worked harder in the past year than any before! In addition to learning the correct patterns, I've developed a fine eye for detail and the dexterity for style! THIS is grooming, baby!

So then, if 2010 was the Year of the Pet Groomer, what outstanding adventures will 2011 hold? Happy New Year everyone!