Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Down and Back Up Again

Well, I called it when I said there would be a battle of the salons. It all belonged to me, however, and I decided that a high-volume environment is not right for me. Perhaps I'll be able to achieve that someday, but I still prefer to work a little more closely with the dogs. Don't get me wrong, my former salon does a fine job, and part of it is because the routine they have is genuinely theirs; they've refined it for over a decade, and have it down to a T. For a newcomer like me, it just isn't in the cards.

The other salon, although slower, is looking promising. Ran by a good friend of mine, it's an environment that I can readily adapt to, and also where I can really hone and fine-tune my skills. Efficiency really is everything, and it's an area that is currently under construction for me. Even though it's the slow season, I'm using it to my advantage; a low volume of dogs means more time for me to develop a finer eye for detail and better dexterity with my tools. Needless to say, I'm excited to see how far I go in the coming months!

Working in a high-volume environment was uncomfortable for me at this stage. It was like the foot I had in the door of grooming got slammed hard. For this opportunity, I just stuck my other foot right back in! Now it's time to wriggle myself the rest of the way!

Friday, January 22, 2010

We Are Tired!

Xavier and I are currently on the verge of passing out. This late at night, we engage in one of our favorite pastimes: curling up and watching King of the Hill together!

I realize it's been a while since my last entry. Since then, I've picked up two jobs at two different salons! One of them is very high-volume, and the other one is rather slow this time of year. I have a feeling that there might be a battle over where I stay, but I'd like to keep both. One will help me focus on speed--especially for baths--and the other will help my accuracy, as I might get to do a little more of the grooming there. Between the two, I have a lot of valuable information to obtain. Hot topics right now include snap-on combs, stripping out dead coat with something other than the Furminator, and re-learning a few patterns that are more "correct" for their breeds.

Tomorrow is going to be exhausting, as I'll be focusing primarily on speed bathing. It's definitely a subject I need to work on, but then again, what isn't right now? I take it all as a learning experience. It's like I said in class one day, "I'm willing to try what might come down the pike, and I'll only dismiss something if I KNOW it's stupid!" Hehe. Good times.

Also, Xavier's birthday was yesterday. He turned five, as far as we know. He got Buddy Biscuits, Evo treats, and a giant beef shank. Let's just say that after all that overindulgence, he paid for it this afternoon - whoops! Luckily, he's easy to put back on his normal digestive track. A little rice with his food works wonders - thanks to this advice from my vet, he has spring in his step again. Good thing birthdays only come once a year!

OK, time for King of the Hill!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stir Crazy!!

So what's been going on now that I'm a grad? Well... not much, actually. I'm in the balance of possibly working at two salons. I won't know for sure until my interview on Saturday. More details to come.

Right now, however, I feel like I haven't styled a Schnauzer or scrubbed a Sheltie in ages! Xavier is going for his bath tomorrow; an afternoon of de-shedding is always fun! I miss working on 4 to 5 dogs a day though. Maybe that means I'm ready for a high-volume salon?

All I want to do is groom. It's coming in due time, but I'm definitely feeling stir crazy. Since I don't have access to dozens of doggies, I'm just listening to Michael Franti's All Rebel Rockers... although that's not really helping any. Now I just want to dance! Hehe!