Sunday, May 22, 2011


I usually like to do a complete overhaul on all of my tools every month and give 'em the works: spray, shine, polish, and pick out all of those pesky hairs we groomers must deal with. From slickers to shears, clippers to blades, everything in my grooming arsenal got some TLC, even things I hadn't used in a while. Nothing could prepare me for what I was going to find on the inside of my clippers though!

I remembered a tip I received at Groom Expo: take the bottom base off of the Oster clippers and blow out any hair that may have become trapped inside. Not only were they supposed to run better, but doing this would prevent a short circuit. Well, today I discovered a screwdriver long enough to reach down into those holes and gently removed the base...


I'm sure there's little bits of hair dating back to some of my first Shih Tzu shavedowns in there! Why haven't I burned these poor things out yet??

Taking the nozzle of my HV dryer, I hit the switch to low power and blasted it all away...

Ah, yes, much better!

God only knows how much longer my clippers would've gone with all that fuzz lodged deep within. And when I turned them back on, they sang like they did the day I eagerly took them out of the box for the first time.

I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to take extra special care of your tools! Learn the proper ways to clean them and increase their productivity and longevity! Nothing would suck any worse than that busy rush coupled with a pair of shorted-out clippers or nasty shears!!