Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Comin' Atcha from Hershey!

The time has finally come! Chilling out in my hotel room after another smooth travel through Pennsylvania, my anticipation levels are at an all-time high. Last night I dreamt that I was already competing with a black Pom. The little guy stood there with love and appreciation in his eyes as I carefully handscissored a lion trim onto him. The crowd began to cheer... then I realized it was my alarm clock, hehe  ;)

Xavier is secure on a vacation of his own with his friends at the kennel and I am sure to lose sleep tonight. The weekend is going to be jam-packed with seminars, parties, food, chocolate stouts, some possible misadventures... all of it beginning with a trip to Chocolate World tomorrow before everything kicks off. Until later, peace out from the sweetest place on Earth!


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