Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Excitement Continues... GE 2012!

One day down... already? I swear, with a competition looming off in the distance, the days seem to fly by even faster. A Cocker Spaniel was the subject of my dreams last night. Black dogs seem to be an ongoing theme here... foreshadowing?

Anyway, the trip to Chocolate World was very enjoyable. Even though the Create Your Own Candy Bar attraction was closed for the day, the rest of Hershey's best didn't disappoint. You'd never know that they got flooded out horribly last year; it was the same chocolately experience from 2010! Plus I came back to my room with sweet treats in tow, and had the experience of dark chocolate BBQ chicken pizza - psychotically delicious!

Groom Expo officially kicked off with the Groom Fusion class. hosted by Chris Christensen. Everyone in attendance got a free mister. I can't wait to try mine out, especially with the new product techniques Carlos and Coleen shared with us!

After a quick dinner at Bear's Den (and meeting a new friend), there was a meeting for contestants hosted by judges Joey Villani, Dawn Omboy, Vivian Nash, and others. I still have absolutely no nervous feelings, but as I told Joey, I am now riding the high like never before! I've never been so amped for anything!  :D

Of course, what Thursday evening would be complete without Dawn Omboy's Internet Social? Turnout was fairly low this year, and they ran out of seats, but everyone had a good time, with Espree sample bags for all. I won a box of doggie Halloween bowties for Xavier. Tosha won a B3 gift pack - her first ever win at the Social! We sat by the "cool corner" and their luck rubbed off on us, haha!

One day down, three to go. Let's rock and roll!

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